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Alfred 3, the quintessential Mac assistant, is here

Guía de Alfred 2

A little over three years ago we received Alfred 2, a launcher for applications, actions and searches that integrates with OS X and allows us to speed up daily tasks and actions on the computer. Today, the Alfred guys have launched the third version of their tool with huge new features.

Alfred 3, the quintessential Mac assistant, is here
Alfred 3, the quintessential Mac assistant, is here

If you’re not too into the subject, you can take a look at the detailed article we did on Alfred 2 . Or just take a look at the in-depth guide to all the features the tool offers and how to configure it.

After months of work and testing, the definitive version of Alfred 3 has arrived and brings a multitude of new features, although perhaps the most notable are the following:

  • New objects and flexibility in the workflows: What really makes Alfred powerful has always been the workflows he offers. In Alfred 3 new objects to be configured have been added and more flexibility in doing so. You can easily set up workflows yourself and see other people’s workflows or those set by the tool itself.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: On OS X by default (as in iOS) we have keyboard shortcuts, which can be configured from the System Preferences. These keyboard shortcuts are now available in Alfred 3 as well, and the good thing about it is that they are not as limited as in the default system. This is ideal to save you from writing complex or long texts that you often repeat.
  • Multimedia and history clipboard: Until now Alfred 2 allowed us to see a history of all the text copied to the clipboard, however, with the new version we can see any type of file we copy to the clipboard and browse the history to recover some recent ones. An excellent way to vitaminize the OS X clipboard.
  • Theme settings: Set the colour and font to your liking in the Alfred 3 interface, and if no idea convinces you, you can download themes from other Alfred 3 users.
  • Numerous new features and corrections: As you might expect, Alfred 3 corrects numerous errors and adds small new features to the application that you will discover little by little after using it for a while.

In short, Alfred 3 is another example of all the possibilities that a Mac offers when it comes to taking advantage of its potential. The update is now available for Alfred 2 users and if you don’t have the application you can download it for free and try it out, after which you can buy a license for £17 (about 22 euros in exchange).

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