Alfred 2 now available for download

Alfred 2

It’s been three months since it was officially announced, but it’s here now. The second major version of Alfred , the tool for shortcuts to any part of the system at a glance, has been rewritten from scratch to increase performance and loaded with new features.

Alfred 2 now available for download
Alfred 2 now available for download

The most important new feature is, as we said, the ability to create our own workflows to make any repetitive tasks we do on the Mac as simple as possible. The interface has also been tweaked, and in addition to being optimized for retinal screens we also have the possibility of customizing it with our own themes that we can share.

Most interestingly, workflows can also be shared, making Alfred 2 a platform where users can show the world how to be more productive; and the preferences panel has also been reorganized to show more content that was previously hidden behind too many buttons and tabs. If you are one of those who use the keyboard more than the mouse or trackpad and didn’t know about Alfred’s existence, now is a good time to give him a chance.

Alfred is a free application , although some features are reserved for a paid package called Powerpack. You can buy it for 15 pounds (about 17.42 euros at today’s exchange rate).

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