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AlertCops, the must-have law enforcement application for your iPhone

AlertCops is an application with which you can contact the Spanish State Security Forces . An app promoted by the Ministry of the Interior with which you can report any type of incident as if you were reporting directly to 112.

What is AlertCops?

As its name indicates, it is an application that allows us to alert police officers and civil guards about a dangerous situation that is happening or has happened.

AlertCops, the must-have law enforcement application for your iPhone
AlertCops, the must-have law enforcement application for your iPhone

Using this app we can specify what the situation is , where has happened and when (which can be at that very moment). In this way, the operator will be able to know the situation and call the competent authorities, as well as ask for health assistance if necessary. The operator will also receive your location , in order to help law enforcement agencies to locate you, as well as receiving basic data such as your name, telephone number and identity card (DNI/NIF/Passport).

AlertCops allows you to report incidents and use the chat to talk directly with the operator in charge of your report.

And for which devices is it available? AlertCops can be downloaded from the App Store or the Play Store, so if you have a device iOS or Android you can install it. Still, you should check if your device is compatible, because even if you have few requirements, there are some (such as having iOS 7 or later). But the biggest problem is for users of alternative operating systems, such as Blackberry OS, Firefox OS or Windows Phone.

And what languages are you in? The application is in Spanish and English . So you won’t have any problem using it, just like foreigners who are familiar with the language of Shakespeare won’t have any problem either. Even so, you may miss the inclusion of some of the other official languages of Spain, i.e. Galician, Catalan or Basque.

And what is the price? Obviously, since this is an official and public safety application, the application is free .

AlertCops, the application for iOS and Android that allows you to contact the Spanish emergency services.

The pitfalls of AlertCops

AlertCops is a very useful application, but is not perfect . Therefore, and based on many opinions of people who have used it in real situations, we will analyze its weak points.

  • Simple but mandatory registration. One of the criticisms they receive the most is the issue of registration. Although it is a fairly simple registration, as it consists of filling in some basic data (such as name, ID and telephone number, among others), but to confirm the telephone number you are sent an SMS, which may take a while. In addition, it is worth mentioning that registration is mandatory, so if you are not already registered you will have to miss a few minutes registering to use the app.
  • You can’t use it while driving. Apart from the fact that using your mobile phone while driving is illegal, this is also quite dangerous. That’s why a function is missing that allows you to report with just a few clicks when you see an accident on the road.
  • Watch out for the kids. Young children can be very nice and loving, but the truth is that they are also a bit naughty. That’s why having the ability to enable something to prevent a child from creating an incidence is something that would be appreciated. And it doesn’t come with the code for the cell phone lock? Well, not always, no wonder a child knows the unlocking code of a parent’s device. There is one drawback to this, though, and that is that if you want to report something that is happening at the time, it would take longer to create the alert.
  • You might get a call … Looking at some reviews, I was curious to see that it is possible for an emergency service operator to call you. Which is not always ideal, as there may be a robbery going on and you want to go unnoticed by the robber. Therefore, being called without asking is the ideal. In addition, the operator who calls you does not have to be the one who attended to you, so he may not be aware of your situation.

Despite all this, AlertCops is a very useful application . Without going any further, a colleague unfortunately had to use it, and his opinion about it is quite good.

Official instructions for the use of AlertCops


As we can see, it is quite an interesting and innovative bet . Even so, it still has many things to improve. So do we use it or not? I’d say yes, although if something life-threatening is happening and you don’t have this app installed, perhaps the most sensible thing to do is to seek help from other sources.

What do you think of this application? Do you have it on your device? Did you have to use it once?

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