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AlertCops, security in your pocket

Today, we echo an application that the Ministry of the Interior launched in August 2014, but which is still largely unknown to a large number of people. We are talking about AlertCops, security in your pocket .

What’s it about?

It is the citizen security alert service of the State Security Forces and Corps. It is the 3.0 version of making a call to the Police or Guardia Civil , that is, the alerts through the application.

How does it work?

AlertCops, security in your pocket
AlertCops, security in your pocket

After downloading it, we must register with our personal data, also providing an email, a mobile phone number, and even a photograph, which we can take with our iPhone. It must be said that is a very simple process to do and easy to complete .

Once the registration process is completed and access is validated with a code that is sent by SMS to the mobile phone number, the application displays a main screen with the following options, which can be selected by pressing the corresponding icon. These are available for various types of crimes, from theft, fights, vandalism, gender violence (sadly so common), sexual assault, bullying or reporting missing persons .

This service allows you, from your iPhone, to send an alert directly to the police forces, in a simple and intuitive way and with the aim of being attended to quickly and efficiently. If you need to use it, you will be asked for additional information: where, to whom and when the events occurred. Finally, you are always asked to confirm the sending of the alert , which is notified to the relevant bodies along with your location, which is also very accurate.

Why in the form of an application?

Undoubtedly because you have to go with the times . With the application, it is possible to warn in a discreet way, and this can also be done by people with hearing disabilities, for example, since the alerts can be given by chat.

The verdict

We can only say that the authorities have designed an efficient, modern and easy-to-use service. It is the typical application to have in the iPhone yes or yes , since unfortunately the incidents that require the use of it are to the order of the day. And now, with the summer trips, even more so. But we hope you never have to use it, and if you do, that it will be solved with a happy ending. Technologies, always remember, also serve to do harm.

Have you ever used this application? How was the service managed? Tell us in comments.

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