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AKVIS Sketch turns your photos into drawings

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AKVIS Sketch is one of those applications that you discover from time to time and keep in your bedroom because you never know when you will need it. AKVIS Sketch converts our photos into drawings easily and quickly, achieving great results.

The application interface is simple. In the main window we’ll have the desktop where we’ll visualize the image and two tabs, one that shows the original state and the other the state “after” applying the change. On the right there is an inspector where we can change the values that will be applied such as the angle of the strokes, size, intensity, the coloring that it will have or if it will be left as a sketch,…

AKVIS Sketch turns your photos into drawings
AKVIS Sketch turns your photos into drawings

And all this with different options because AKVIS Sketch is available as a standalone application, as a plugin for Photoshop or as a package consisting of the two previous ones . The price is 55 euros for the plugin or standalone version of the software and 68 euros for the joint version, Personal Deluxe. Then there is a commercial version that amounts to 108 euros.

Many of you, advanced users of Photoshop or other photo retouching tools, will think it’s not that bad, but for the more profane it’s sure to be super useful. And remember that before you buy you can try the full version for ten days . As well as other products that you may find interesting.


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