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AKG 142 HD – Applesphere
AKG 142 HD – Applesphere

Although we’re not specialists, like Xataka, at Apple we always recommend some headphones and speakers from time to time that look great with our Apple products. In this case it is not a product dedicated to the Apple world, but it is a product recommended for quality and price .

AKG is a well-known brand of professional sound and audio, and it is precisely from them that I would like to recommend a pair of headphones that are perfect for use at home. They are perfect because of their construction, they are of the headband type so if you spend several hours with them a day you will appreciate comfortable headphones. Perfect for sound quality, we are talking about AKG’s HIFI division and being a recognized brand like this, quality is assured.

The AKG 142 HD model is a highly recommended headset if you want to spend several hours in front of your computer listening to music in amazing quality but with the comfort of a headset. They also have an oxygen-free cable, with gold-plated tips and a length of 3m, perfect for moving around a wide space without stretching.

We’re talking about expensive headphones, but they certainly make up for their purchase with superb sound quality. If you can’t afford to pay for a set of renowned speakers, you can bet on these headphones or some from the same division. If you search a little on the Internet you can easily get them for less than 100 with shipping included, an affordable price if you are a music and hi-fi lover.

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