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AJA ioHD y Apple Final Cut Server

Vídeo del AJA ioHD (Inglés)

Apple’s event during NAB2007 has brought us some surprises quite far from the rumors that have circulated in recent days. The first one was Final Cut Server, a new digital content management application with the capacity to catalogue 100 different file formats, search by keywords and metadata (including IPTC, XMP and XML), access control, workflow automation with templates, review tools, coding and automated publishing. It will be priced at $999 for 10 concurrent users or $99 for unlimited users and will be available this summer.

AJA ioHD y Apple Final Cut Server
AJA ioHD y Apple Final Cut Server

The other bomb launched by Apple to take control of the professional audiovisual sector is ioHD, a hardware encoding device that works under the new Apple ProRes 422 format capable of performing real-time SD-HD conversions and compressing HD video from 1 TB to 170 TB (10-bit, 4:2:2, full rasterization and variable bitrate). It will be available in July at a price of $3495, a fifth of any device you can compete with. Although there are still many doubts about it, it seems that the ioHD has been developed jointly with AJA.

According to Rob Schoeben, Apple’s Vice President of Application Marketing, the quality of ProRes 442 is visually indistinguishable from uncompressed HD video only occupying one-seventh . It is efficient, transportable and fully compatible with new storage systems from Sony (HDCAM SR) or Panasonic (AVC-Intra). ProRes 422, Final Cut Pro 6 and the ioHD will make it possible to edit HD video from a MacBook Pro .

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