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AirPower and the wireless AirPod case may arrive shortly

Anonymous information reveals that Apple’s new AirPower charging cradle , along with the new AirPod wireless charging case , may go on sale in March.

Apple wants a cable-free world (delayed but not cable-free). This was reflected in the launch of the new i Phone 8 and the new iPhone X , where they finally incorporated wireless induction charging.

AirPower and the wireless AirPod case may arrive shortlyAirPower and the wireless AirPod case may arrive shortly

To accompany this new charging method, Apple unveiled its new AirPower Wireless Charging Cradle, which has the ability to charge an Apple Watch, iPhone and AirPod case simultaneously.

This information comes from The Apple Post, where they received this “tip-off” from an anonymous source from one of the Best Buy stores. A very important and well-known chain of stores in the United States.

Apple could launch these two new products simultaneously in both the Apple Stores and the official distributors . A measure that has proved beneficial in other previous launches at the sales level.

The only thing that is not known is the official price , so we will have to wait a little longer to have more information about it. With the arrival of the AirPower charging cradle and the AirPod induction charging case, we’ll have the opportunity to charge our devices without the need to use multiple cables or chargers.

The Apple Watch is currently not enabled to use the Qi standard, only some non-certified chargers are valid for using this type of wireless charging , as demonstrated by some users through social networks. Perhaps, with the release of AirPower, Apple will enable it through a software update.

The new charging case for the AirPods could also be seen slightly at the presentation of the new iPhone, where apparently, they would have no improvement in the headphones, except for the charging case, which would have the ability to be powered by induction charging.

Currently, we can only charge our iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously wirelessly with some of these chargers . If the information is correct, from March we will be able to do so using the Apple AirPower charging cradle .