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Airport Flow, tool to monitor your router


It would be nice to be able to know at a glance how our router is working, whether it is wireless or not, and see the upload and download speed , either in the wireless section (in case it is a wifi router) or in the WAN port (i.e. the ethernet connection if the router is connected to a modem-router). Isn’t it?

Airport Flow, tool to monitor your router
Airport Flow, tool to monitor your router

Airport Flow allows us to connect to our router via SNMP, a protocol for exchanging information from network devices. Thanks to this protocol, we can know information about it. We only have to indicate what kind of information we want to receive through an interface value , with the SNMP access key of the router , which is usually “public” by default.

In the preferences we can set the IP address of the router , an interface value, and a password, which by default is usually the word “public”. Now we only need to have a SNMP compatible router (such as Airport Extreme or Time Capsule ) and have that option enabled.

If you get the message [No SNMP response] , it means that there is no response from the router, because it is not activated, it is not compatible with SNMP, or because we have not configured correctly its password or its IP. The value 2 gives us the values of the wireless part of the router , 6 that of the WAN port . If we have a Time Capsule , we can use value 5 to see the flow of the wireless part . As you can see, each router has a set of allowed values, so you will have to try out different values. When all else fails, read the instructions.

The number of wireless clients appears under the window title after the pad symbol (in the example we would have two wireless clients).

You can download the application from here. It is shareware and its license costs 5 dollars, although the application is fully functional without the need to pay that amount, since the only thing we will get is to be able to change the colors of the graphics if we acquire the license. It also works in Snow Leopard .

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