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AirPods: unboxing and first impressions

Admittedly, the AirPods have caused a sensation . Despite the delays in their arrival on the market or the battery problems of the first units, they have achieved more than acceptable sales, and all this in the short time they have been available. We, for our part have been able to get our hands on them and these are our first impressions.

We share with you the first opening of these long-awaited headphones and our impressions after a few days of quite intense use, so if you want to know our first moments with them, don’t miss the following lines.

AirPod Unboxing

AirPods: unboxing and first impressions
AirPods: unboxing and first impressions

Firstly, it should be noted that the box in which they are stored is not exactly large, which is understandable given the small size of the headphones themselves. On the other hand, once opened, you won’t find any big surprises, but rather the typical warranty papers and instructions accompanying the charging box – of a higher quality than expected – and, of course, the headphones.

We also have a Lightning cable that we will connect to the charging base box to charge them, since this time they have not decided to implement wireless charging, or fast charging for these devices.

First impressions

Although the first thing that catches our attention is the pleasant feeling to the touch -something congruent with its price- and the unconventional design, which does not make us look very good when we wear them on the street. On the other hand, the user experience is quite positive , at least in the first hours of use, but we will have to keep using them more often to see if they perform their function properly.

At first, it doesn’t seem that they are too likely to end up on the floor – with our consequent microinfarction when we see them fall – but I wouldn’t be surprised if after two or three days of using them the sensation is going to be radically opposite .

In any case, we’ll have to wait for the review itself to know first hand all its details and secrets. Stay tuned because will be bringing you more news in the next few days.