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AirPods, the best and the worst after a week of use

There are no figures, not a single fact, something very much in the line of Apple, and yet it seems that we are facing something very big as far as sales are concerned. Tim Cook himself could not hide his enthusiasm when he was robbed at the New York Stock Exchange and asked about AirPods. It is clear that the celebrated Apple headphones mark the beginning of something new, but… Has the manufacturer succeeded in its first assault?

One week of use has been more than enough to know the shortcomings and virtues of this accessory, but what seems clear is that Apple has invested a lot of effort in a product that opens a new future for the market. We will now analyse the best and the worst from a first-person perspective and from the perspective of an average user (not very ‘purist’ in terms of audio quality).

Best of AirPods

  • The change of habits: let’s be honest, it is easy to criticize a product by peeling off each of its characteristics and comparing them with the rest of the existing ones in the market. It’s like comparing the steering wheels of a SEAT and a BMW: it doesn’t make much sense. AirPods are a whole that undoubtedly changes the way we consume audio. In a few hours, I started listening to podcasts and radio like a man possessed by a change of habits that has come to stay. The ease of opening the box and putting the headphones in your ears makes you use this product much more.
  • Charging is insultingly simple: if you think about it, Apple could have opted for a conventional charging system and had to charge the headphones directly every night. But no, possibly the AirPod box is one of the best ideas of the product: you don’t need to keep an eye on the battery because it is shared between two devices. In the end you end up charging the box in loose holes, so you always have the product available for use. In my case, while I take a shower in the morning and while I prepare the dinner; in fact, I accompany the Apple Watch in the charging and so I forget about it.
  • Audio quality in calls: Apple has really taken care of the sound when we make or receive calls. The best proof is that on the other end of the line they don’t realize you’re actually using a headset in hands-free mode. In very noisy environments, you can also have a smooth conversation by using AirPods in this mode more and more.

The worst of the AirPods

  • The permanent fear of loss: yes, it’s not a myth, AirPods are so compact and light that the fear of losing them is always present, and the worst thing is that the threat is real. On several occasions I’ve caught them in flight as they slipped through my fingers and in compromising situations: on an air vent and on an escalator. This is not a criticism of the design of the product itself, but it is a reality that we must start to assume: many AirPods will be lost.

In short, it is a round Apple product – despite the fact that it has not been improved – and it opens up an exciting future in future versions

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    The sound quality is right: here a server has gone through two stages. In the first one, he was surprised by how good they sounded (yes, the valid reference is the EarPods, if you want to compare), but in the second one you end up demanding more. This is obviously very subjective but I would love to see the next version improve in this aspect and in the output power.

  • The ‘drawbacks’ of the case: we have mentioned before that the AirPod case is a small wonder, and it certainly is, but the user will soon find himself with small inconveniences that can be annoying (depending on the level of demand). The first of these is that the material of the box has a passionate idyll with dust, fuzz and any other element you carry in your pocket. If you’re a maniac in this respect you’ll find yourself blowing every few hours. The second comes from the casual confusion you’ll encounter when storing AirPods: which side goes which? A silly thing that can lead to several unsuccessful attempts to get it right.

Other aspects such as the lack of controls and the total dependence on Siri to manage them, have not been a problem for me personally. In short, is a round product from Apple -even though it has not been improved- and it opens an exciting future in future versions.

AirPods, the best and the worst after a week of use
AirPods, the best and the worst after a week of use

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