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AirPods have been a success among users, according to pollsters

AirPods were one of the most eagerly awaited products by iPhone 7 users in 2016, not only because of their novelty and functionality, but also because their arrival at physical and online stores was delayed much longer than expected. However, after several months among us, the pollsters Creative Strategies and Experian show that AirPods have an incredibly high customer satisfaction rate, which goes against the qualification of “fugitive success,” with which Tim Cook has described them on some occasions.

According to the registered numbers, AirPods have an acceptance rate of 98%, over the 92% of the iPhone and 97% obtained by the Apple Watch in 2015. This means that AirPods are the best received product from Apple in recent years.

AirPods have been a success among users, according to pollsters
AirPods have been a success among users, according to pollsters

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According to data collected from 942 people, 98% of AirPod owners are satisfied with their purchase. 82% say they are “very satisfied”, while another 16% say they are “satisfied”. The remaining 2% of respondents say they are neither “satisfied nor dissatisfied”.

Considering the success of AirPods, the survey asked users about the likelihood of recommending the product to other users on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being “unlikely” and 10 being “extremely likely”. The AirPods score was 75%, meaning that the overwhelming majority would recommend the AirPods to someone else. Once again, the iPhone scored 72% in this survey; thus, the benchmark is that anything above 50% is “excellent” and anything above 70% is “world class”.

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More specifically, 98% say they are satisfied with the time it takes to charge the AirPods, while 97% say they are satisfied with the design of the AirPods and the W1 chip. In addition, 95% say they are satisfied with the durability of the battery and 93% say the AirPods fit comfortably in their ears.

Despite the success reflected in this survey, one of the problems still facing the headset is the shortage of supply compared to other products of the company.

Do you use AirPods? How has your experience been?