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AirPods are delivered on the 27th while the Apple Watch Series 4 goes to January

The Christmas season is in full swing and at Apple it seems that the first victims are already appearing in the form of exhausted stock . At the time of writing, the AirPods and the Apple Watch Series 4 are experiencing significant delays in delivery when we try to purchase them on the Apple website. A clear sign that customers are rushing to the last minute to finish their Christmas shopping.

Nine day delay for AirPods

AirPods have become one of Apple’s flagship products of late. So much so, that it is rumored that Google and Amazon are preparing their own opponents. Apple’s true-wireless headset has wireless technology inside that allows it to have a long range without suffering from the typical synchronization and sound problems common to other products of the style.

AirPods are delivered on the 27th while the Apple Watch Series 4 goes to January
AirPods are delivered on the 27th while the Apple Watch Series 4 goes to January

Well, anyone who wants to get hold of a pair of these headphones should now wait. Apple’s official website shows a delivery for December 27th. That means that if you buy it now, the AirPods will arrive next Thursday. Although this is only in the online store.

The availability in Apple’s physical store is complete, so anyone who has one of Apple’s physical stores at hand can come and pick up a set of headphones without further ado. However, we don’t know what the current stock level is.

On AppleAirPods 2 – no sign of the next generation of Apple Wireless Headphones

As far as we know, Apple Authorized Premium Resellers are also having problems with stock to meet demand. A quick check of the websites of different retailers shows deliveries with similar delays or no estimated delivery time.

It is interesting to see how AirPods continue to sell like this and generate this level of interest. Last September, there was no sign of any AirPods 2, so all the rumors place it in the first half of 2019.

The Apple Watch Series 4 goes to 2019

Worse luck has run the other wearable from Apple. The Apple Watch Series 4 is currently scheduled for delivery on January 4, 2019 . This delay in delivery also occurs on the Apple website and affects all models of the watch that are currently on sale.

Apple Watch Sport, Nike+ and steel. Aluminum or steel. GPS or cell phone . It doesn’t matter. All these models are delivered from next year and risk not arriving for the celebration of the Three Kings. The availability of models in the physical store is similar to that of the AirPods, although some models are already sold out and can be picked up in 2019 as well.

At Apple I want to buy my first Apple Watch, which one do I choose: Series 3 or Series 4?

If you were curious, the Hermès models of the Apple Watch Series 4 suffer an even greater delay and their arrival at their destination is estimated between the end of January and the beginning of February , depending on the model. The fourth generation and fifth model of the Apple Watch seems to have become a highly sought-after item by users.

The Apple Watch Series 4 has several new features, plus a complete redesign . Fall detection and the electrocardiogram are two of its star functions, although the second has just begun to be deployed in the USA. Despite the recent launch of the Apple Watch ECG, it has already been able to save one user’s life.

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