AirPods 2 pick up a new reference to AirPower and its launch

We are already tired of seeing evidence that the AirPower is alive and that its launch is imminent, but we are not finished seeing it on the market. Today, new evidence has emerged that its launch is quite close to reality and that is that has appeared on the box of the second generation AirPods that were presented last week.

Some lucky people have already received these new wireless headphones in their homes with the wireless charging compatible case. And after receiving them, it was not the inside of the case that was highlighted, but the back where it is specified that these AirPods can be recharged in a charging cradle but the name of the cradle is not detailed.

AirPods 2 pick up a new reference to AirPower and its launch
AirPods 2 pick up a new reference to AirPower and its launch

As you see in the image below, the shape of this charging base is identical to the AirPower presented. It also specifies that the wireless charging case can be placed on top of it so that it can start recharging. We can all get our hopes up by looking at these pictures but we’re already quite skeptical as if you remember in the iPhone 2018 Quick Start manuals there was also a mention of this AirPower and we haven’t seen it presented yet.

We have a lot of evidence on the table that points to the fact that the launch will take place soon but it has come to a point where we don’t believe anything because there are many years waiting anxiously for this launch.

It is worth mentioning that after searching on Twitter we have noticed that this reference to the AirPower does not appear in all the shipments, so it seems that they are only appearing in those that have arrived to the United States and in others there are only written references to this cargo base as published by Benjamin Bogdanovic in his Twitter account.

We are quite confused about this new evidence, will you finally deign to launch this AirPower this very week?

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