AirPod Pro pads and Mac Pro wheel kit refills now available

Apple has just made a couple of really useful product add-ons available to customers: the AirPod Pro pad packs and the Mac Pro wheel kit. Both products, although very different, come so that they can be purchased separately from the main kit for easy customisation or replacement.

AirPod Pro Pads

The AirPods Pro come with a pack of three sizes of cushions: size medium mounted and size S and L separate. Until yesterday if a pad was lost or broken the only option was to contact technical support to purchase a replacement.

AirPod Pro pads and Mac Pro wheel kit refills now available
AirPod Pro pads and Mac Pro wheel kit refills now available

The AirPod Pro pad pack is now available from the Apple Online Store for £9 . The pack, which is available in size S, M or L, comes with two sets of your choice of size.

Although now, with the current situation, shipping may be delayed, Apple promises next day delivery , so it is an option if we live far from an Apple Store (closed for now).

Wheel kit for Mac Pro

In the field of Mac Pro, Apple has released a wheel kit so that users of this computer can add this option after purchase . The price of the kit is 849 euros.

At the price level, it should be noted that when we configure a new Mac Pro with the option of Apple wheels charges us 500 euros, the extra 349 euros of the kit we are talking about correspond to the metal legs that Apple also sells separately and are included in the initial price.

Note that the passage from the legs to the wheels adds approximately 2.5 cm in height to the structure. Whether we have changed our mind after the purchase and want to switch from legs to wheels or vice versa or need a replacement we can find it in the shop.

Whether it’s changing a pad on our AirPods or a paw on our Mac Pro, Apple’s offer of options when it comes to changes or replacements is appreciated.

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