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AirPlay will not need WiFi to connect on iOS 8

You won’t have to use a WiFi connection to stream multimedia content

It’s been several days since iOS 8 was officially launched, but interesting news about the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system is still coming out. This time we will talk about the AirPlay feature , which will not require a WiFi connection on iOS 8 to stream multimedia content to an Apple TV.

According to the apple company, iOS 8 allows you to wirelessly connect an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to an Apple TV without having to connect to a WiFi network . This means you can launch a presentation or show your work even if you don’t have the Internet nearby.

AirPlay will not need WiFi to connect on iOS 8
AirPlay will not need WiFi to connect on iOS 8

In return, AirPlay will now use Peer to Peer (P2P) connections to make transmissions between our iPhone iPad iPod Touch and an Apple TV or other iOS device. The fact that you don’t need a wireless Internet connection to use AirPlay will make professional environments much more efficient.

iOS 8 improves AirPlay connections

Apple has focused all its efforts on polishing up existing applications and functions , as well as introducing new ones. AirPlay came with iOS 7, but in order to use it we needed to be constantly connected to the network to be able to send and receive content.

However, iOS 8 greatly improves the AirPlay connections . Now with the use of Peer to Peer we only have to approach an Apple TV for our iDevice to detect it thanks to a system called Hand-off .

But AirPlay is not just for connecting an iOS device to a TV. We can also exchange content between a Mac and an iPad or iPhone and vice versa . This way, we can start working with one device and finish our work on another.

Apple TV also continues to improve

Indirectly, the Apple TV will also continue to improve , as the Hand-off function of AirPlay will not only be useful for connecting devices in the apple to each other, but will also serve to get even more out of the media device.

As they say in iMore, this is one more small step that will make AirPlay even bigger and extend its use to more users .

And you, do you use AirPlay regularly? Will this change make you use it more often or are you indifferent?

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