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Airmail, the ultimate replacement for Mail and Sparrow on your Mac


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Airmail, the ultimate replacement for Mail and Sparrow on your Mac
Airmail, the ultimate replacement for Mail and Sparrow on your Mac

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There are many alternatives for managing our emails from the Mac desktop, however, it is difficult to replace tools as powerful as Sparrow. Today we’re going to talk about Airmail, a mail manager that can stand up to the big boys. It is still in beta phase, but it has many features that are very demanded by users, which we will detail below.

Mail, the default mail manager for OS X offered by Apple is for many more than enough. On the other hand, for others, it remains an outdated service, not very innovative and without enough features for the most demanding. For these, Sparrow for OS X was born, the desktop version of the application -which Google bought and fulminated- Sparrow for iOS. Unfortunately, since the acquisition by the guys at Google, this service has done nothing but fall apart .

Although everything seems to be going wrong, there are still interesting alternatives that are born and try to position themselves among the best mail managers for OS X. Today I bring you Airmail, which although it is in phase beta is possibly one of the best mail managers that has been born for our Mac . Its strengths include support for multiple mail services and synchronization with Dropbox.

The interface is very similar to Sparrow’s, which although it doesn’t reach it, it comes very close. Among the most important features are support for Gmail, AOL, Yahoo! and iCloud accounts . In addition, all of our email attachments can be synced with Dropbox, a feature increasingly demanded by users.

It should be noted that we also find the notifications in the Notification Center if we have Mountain Lion installed on our computer, which can be silenced if they become annoying. Other features are keyboard shortcuts, the insertion of multiple signatures or labels.

Airmail is available for download from the official website, is free but as mentioned above, it is a beta phase. I’ve been testing the service for a couple of days and it hasn’t given me any problems. If you want an alternative that has a future, I highly recommend Airmail. I’m looking forward to the release of the final version.


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