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Airlock, Bloquea tu Mac with tu iPhone or Touch: Deeply

A long time ago I wrote about the existence of an application that, using the intensity of the connection Bluetooth between a Mac and a device Bluetooth linked to it, was able to block the Mac if we moved away from it. Another application has just come out, this time specific to the iPhone or the Bluetooth iPod Touch , with some advantages over the previous one.

After the jump we will see what advantages it offers.

Airlock, Bloquea tu Mac with tu iPhone or Touch: DeeplyAirlock, Bloquea tu Mac with tu iPhone or Touch: Deeply

The application appears on our Mac in the System Preferences panel . In the image above we see the application’s configuration panel. We can turn the application on or off , search for updates , select the device we’re going to use to use the Airlock functions and, most interestingly, be able to modify the activation range . In this way, we can select how far we have to move away (or closer) for the Mac to detect a change and act accordingly. As you can see, the interface has been taken care of in great detail.

If you select Actions , you can configure how the Mac will behave when the device enters or leaves the activation range. So, we can select whether locks the screen and whether or not is allowed to login with a password . Let’s look at this more slowly. With the first option, we get the Mac to lock and show us the next screen. As you can see, this is not the normal login screen after a lock.

Now, if the Enable manual login option was enabled, and if we’ve left the device somewhere else but want to connect to our Mac , then entering the password will give us access without any problems. Otherwise, we have to have the iPhone with us or we won’t be able to log in. So, in case of a loss or a battery drain, it’s better to have this option activated. At the bottom we see that we can configure programs and scripts to run when we exit or enter the Bluetooth radio of the iPhone or iPod Touch .

The response speed is also configurable in the Advanced panel, making the detection of a change of state faster. What happens is that, if we increase it, the device will spend more battery.

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What I liked most about the application is, being able to control the activation radius , as well as being able to block or unblock access with the device without having to rewrite the key , and the independence between the activation and deactivation actions. It would be nice to be able to make the application’s radar independent as a widget and have it on the desktop or dashboard, as well as the possibility of it appearing on the lock screen, in case we are forgetful and have to search for the device with the laptop. The application warns of possible interference with other devices Bluetooth and the possibility of it not working well, so it’s better to download it and try it for free for three hours before paying the $7.77 license fee.