AirBar turns your Macbook screen into a touchscreen

A few days ago we learned about the launch of a new accessory , which is focused on the range of 13-inch MacBook Air . The accessory aims to be a big hit, and it’s no wonder. It lets you transform your MacBook Air screen into a touchscreen .

What is the AirBar?

At first glance, it seems like an absurd joke, but it’s not. Thanks to the magnetic strip, the user can interact with the screen of his laptop , as if it were a normal touch screen.

AirBar turns your Macbook screen into a touchscreen
AirBar turns your Macbook screen into a touchscreen

AirBar is very easy to use, just plug it into the USB port of your device and you’re all set, no need to install any additional software. A simple and functional tool.

How does the AirBar work?

The secret of this technology lies in the invisible lights it emits, which go straight to the MacBook screen. So, through its zForce Air technology, the accessory is able to detect any movement of fingers, as well as movement originating from the drawing brushes.

On the other hand, with AirBar we will have the possibility of carrying out different actions, like the one of clamp , the one of slide or the one of move .

AirBar, the perfect complement to your MacBook Air

At the moment, the device is only available for the 13-inch Air model . We don’t know for sure, if the company is willing to introduce new models compatible with the rest of Apple’s laptops.

Without a doubt, this incredible tool will improve the user experience and feeling , while increasing the possibilities of the laptop. Unfortunately, we will have to wait a few months, as this add-on will not be available until next March . According to the company, the price will be 99 dollars and we will be able to buy it through Amazon .

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