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Aiko Island HD for iPad, an Excellent Physics Game

Another physics game aims to make a name for itself alongside the giants Cut the Rope and Angry Birds. Looks like it. Aiko Island HD for iPad gives a new twist to the genre, with very original and well implemented ideas.

Aiko Island

In Aiko Island HD for iPad and iPad 2 we must help the blue aikos, adorable creatures, to recover their cookies , which have been stolen by some evil neighbors, the red aikos. We will travel around the island in more than 125 levels of increasing difficulty, unlocking routes on the map as we overcome the phases.

Aiko Island HD for iPad, an Excellent Physics Game
Aiko Island HD for iPad, an Excellent Physics Game

The game mechanics are simple. At first, you just click on the aikos or the platforms that hold them to make them disappear, like someone exploding a soap bubble. You will have to make strategic decisions about the order in which you click on them, because you must make the red ones fall into the abyss, saving the blue ones . Both groups are stacked and mixed, that’s the fun of it.

It won’t be long before strings, mechanisms, rollers and other tools and moving parts appear that will make the mechanics more complex , and we must rack our brains (or try and try) until we find the solution to the puzzle.

In the end you end up controlling cannons, doors and explosives to help your aikos banish their evil neighbors. In the more advanced levels, you’ll even have to take into account environmental factors such as slippery floors or areas of variable gravity.

Each level passed will give us up to three cookies as a prize, depending on the skill shown in your resolution. These cookies, however, will serve for more than just showing off to friends on GameCenter, as we’ll need them to unlock new levels and thus advance on the map of the island .

Here is the official trailer of Aiko Island HD :

Aiko Island HD for iPad is full of challenging and fun puzzles. It’s a colourful game and a breath of fresh air in the physics game genre, if you’re sick of throwing animals from a giant slingshot. Moreover, with its more than 125 levels, it ensures many hours of fun.

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