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Agreement between Apple and American Express

We are a little over a week away from the date when Tim Cook and company will gather us all at the Flint Center to show us some of the things that have been working on all these months from Cupertino’s headquarters. An event where, in principle, the iPhone would share the limelight with some watch-shaped device.

One of the rumors that has haunted the iPhone is the arrival of NFC technology inside it. Although the company has long been reluctant to include it, leaks predict the arrival of this iPhone 6 . Along with this, Apple would appear on the scene with its own payment system .

Agreement between Apple and American Express
Agreement between Apple and American Express

And it is now that a possible agreement that Apple would have had with American Express seems to be confirmed where they would work side by side in this new payment system. Together with American Express, the VISA itself would already be ready to operate in symbiosis with this new payment platform that would come with the aim of replacing our wallet and making us forget about cash and even our credit card.

Opposite to these credit card operators are the shops themselves , a key element in the development of this new form of payment and is that, according to several reports, there are many shops and chains that would have been contacted by Apple so that its structure would work in a uniform way and that its acceptance would spread quickly . Remember that will not be alone as there are others like Google Wallet , PayPass from MasterCard or payWave from VISA .


The only thing to remember is the date of September 9 , the day chosen by Cupertino’s people to show the public their new creations and who knows if it will come full of surprises. Will we see a new payment system? , will iWatch be one of the big news we are waiting for? Here, in , we will be on directly from the website and from our Twitter telling you with all the details of the new features that will be coming up.

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