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Perhaps more than one of you, dear readers, would already imagine that would land on the App Store sooner or later . We are talking about a game that has caused a real stir on YouTube, social networks and so on, an addictive title that has become a real phenomenon on the Internet. And now, we can enjoy it from the iPhone and iPad completely free. comes from Miniclip, the popular mini-game website, and as we mentioned in the previous paragraph it is compatible with iPhone and iPad. We’ve been testing it for a few days and we’ve decided to do a little review through which we’ll talk about its controls , its adaptation to mobile platforms , its gameplay and, for those of you who don’t know it yet, how it works., the trendy game, is now available in iOS for iPhone and iPad, Finally Comes to the App Store for iPhone and iPad, Finally Comes to the App Store

Most of you reading this news have probably already played Hagar. But there will also be some who are not yet very familiar with the game, so let’s briefly explain how it works before we start to analyze it in depth.

The first thing to know about is that it is an online multiplayer game, our main goal is to make our cell as big as possible. Yes, my friends, you read that correctly, “cell”. In we are all cells, and we will have the possibility to divide ourselves to eat other players. The more we eat, the bigger we become, and the more chances we have of reaching the top 10.

Has adapted well to the iPhone and the iPad?

We have been playing on iPhone, iPad and PC, and we can say that the differences are minimal . It is true that controlling the cell from one side to the other to escape or to eat other players is much more effective with a mouse than with a virtual joystick . For the rest, however, the adaptation of in iOS has been perfect.

The gameplay on for iPhone and iPad is excellent, and although the maneuverability (as we mentioned earlier) could be improved significantly, it still offers an experience that conveys the same feelings of addiction and fun as the original game.

In addition, for iOS allows us to change or customize the controls in several ways. We can stop the movement of our cell by lifting our finger off the screen or direct it through “taps”. The virtual joystick can also be moved (for left or right-handed people), and you can even duplicate the fire and split buttons in both corners.


Are you hooked on Then you should try its mobile version! You sure love it! And besides, it’s free:

Have you already tried the game on iPhone or iPad ? What do you think about its adaptation to mobile platforms? Share with us your opinion from the comments section at the bottom of this article.

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