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After Burner Climax, Take to the Skies with this iPad Game

Sega has launched in the App Store After Burner Climax , an arcade fighter jet that allows you to fly over spectacular landscapes . Take control of one of the fastest planes in the world and destroy any enemy that comes across your iPad screen. After Burner Climax is a simulator with a very intense arcade feel, where you’ll have to speed up your mind to make your reflexes very fast. And you can customise your fighter plane to suit the scenario you’re in.

After Burner Climax, an iPad game that brings back memories of epic battles from speedy planes

After Burner Climax offers you three game modes. Arcade mode lets you play the classic form of the game and you can unlock different power-ups such as infinite lives and continuations, target auto-fixing, continuous climax mode, etc.

After Burner Climax, Take to the Skies with this iPad GameAfter Burner Climax, Take to the Skies with this iPad Game

In the Points Attack mode you can compete against other drivers by leaving your record on the net and unlocking the 60+ available achievements. You can compare your score with that of your friends and see who is the best pilot at the controls of a fighter.

Climax mode adds a very important feature to your skills . A level will appear at the bottom of the screen that you will have to fill in. When it is full, you can activate Climax mode and the time will slow down and the target will expand so that you can reach more enemies.

In After Burner Climax you can choose from three different fighters: Northrop Grumman’s F-14D Super Tomcat, F-15E Strike Eagle or Boeing’s FA-18E Super Hornet. In any of the three cases you will be able to personalize your plane by giving it a touch of paint .

Here’s the After Burner Climax video for iPad:

After Burner Climax has always been a great game for both consoles and gaming machines and its adaptation to iOS has been excellent. The information you see on the screen will make you think you’re on a fighter because they’re positioned at an angle. One of the best features of this After Burner for iPad is the ability to use the Airplay function or an HDMI cable to play games on a TV screen . The game is universal and with a single payment you can play on any compatible device, whether it is the new iPhone 5 or the iPad Mini. A highly recommended game in which you can enjoy great graphics – feel the speed of a fighter jet!

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