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Advantages and strengths of the Apple iPad

After you unleashed your anger at me for criticizing all the things I hate about the iPad, it’s finally time for you to unleash it again, only this time, for the things I love about the Apple tablet . Where do we start?

1. Design . The iPad is very, very nice. Whichever way you look at it. The perfect marriage of everything I love about the iPhone (screen-dominated front and single-button, curved profile) with the best of iMac (aluminum back). And if it’s pretty on paper, I can’t imagine what it’ll look like when it’s released next March. You know how attractive Apple products are when you have them in front of you (the reason why I am convinced that 50% of those who now say they are not interested will finally fall into temptation).

Advantages and strengths of the Apple iPad
Advantages and strengths of the Apple iPad

2. Screen . As I said before, I think that the decision to use an LED display instead of other solutions such as electronic ink and similar is tremendously wise. Will it be a problem for the success of the iBook Store? I doubt it very much, and instead, it confirms something that I prefer to develop in the following point…

3. Versatility . If the iPhone is already a tremendously versatile gadget, the number of things I imagine doing with the iPad is even greater. In addition, apart from the obvious uses, the function to operate as a digital photo frame that integrates as standard seems to me a real wonder to which I’m sure I’ll get a lot out of it.

4. Applications . Closely linked to the previous point, the applications that the developers manage to create to squeeze the capabilities of the iPad will be, as in the iPhone, the real key to its success or failure. It is true that it is a pity that we are still limited by the restrictions and impediments that Apple may put through the App Store approval system, but in return, the first examples of what will be the future applications optimized for the tablet’s screen size make it very clear why we will not miss a full-blown Mac OS X (at least until Apple decides to give it a more imaginative multi-touch support than what has been seen in PC).

5. iWork . The living proof that the iPad is not an iPod with a big screen but a device with which we can create content as well as consume it. I have friends who only use their laptop to project Keynote presentations. One of them has already sold it to buy an iPad.

6. Calendar, Contacts and Notes . Like iWork they deserve their own point. Their equivalents for Mac OS X and iPhoneiPod touch aged 10 years at the same time Apple showed us the newly redesigned interface for these applications. The first two in particular are simply beautiful.
7. Multi-Touch . The multi-touch technology of the iPhone has been reinvented to adapt to the advantages offered by its larger screen and combined with a more powerful processor to allow new forms of interaction that are much more eye-catching. For example, the method for displaying photos contained in an event.

8. Autonomy . We will see if those 10 hours Apple assumes are real or not but it is undeniable that a considerable effort has been made in this sense.

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I don’t know if you’ve done the same as me and printed an image of the iPad at actual size to really check how big or small it will be but I certainly recommend it. Its size is ideal. Neither so big that it is dead in our hands, nor so small that it does not offer any advantage over the iPod touch. I definitely imagine watching series, reading books and checking email with it while I’m lying on the living room couch while my girlfriend keeps the TV busy with Gossip Girl (nobody is perfect, I love you honey).

10. Price . Okay, we still don’t know the final price in euros but even if you just change the dollar sign to the euro sign it will still be a good deal (especially compared to some of the devices it comes to replace like e-book readers without going any further). Even knowing the reports that Apple will continue to line its pockets with every iPad sold thanks to a generous profit margin or that I myself criticize the price difference between the WiFi model and the 3G model, the starting price of the most basic model could not be more tempting.

Steve, things like this are why I love you .

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