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Adobe Voice for iPad, tell your story

Adobe Voice (gratis)

Adobe releases new shape app exclusively for iPad . This is Adobe Voice , an interesting tool that comes with the intention of helping us tell our story, transmit our message, by voice and through cinematic animations very easy to create using images and icons from a vast free catalog.

Adobe Voice for iPad, tell your story
Adobe Voice for iPad, tell your story

Voice has a quick and easy interface that gets right to the point. You find the icon or image that best captures the idea, choose a style and click to record your phrase. Add a new slide and start over. When you’re done, you choose a type of music to automatically adjust the app, and you’re ready to share your video on Facebook, Twitter, email, or your own website.

The app offers us an archive of more than 25,000 icons and millions of images that provide some margin before all the pieces created with it start to repeat, but also allows us to use our own photographs, customize fonts, colors and so on to achieve an even more personal result.

Adobe Voice is completely free and well worth a look whether you work for an NGO or want to set up a collective funding campaign, give an interesting touch to your website, make a presentation or simply prepare a video for the friends or family of those who make the easy cryers suffer.

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