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Adobe updates its Creative Cloud Suite for iOS 9

It’s been a while since Adobe made the decision to move to mobile platforms , this strategy didn’t work out at first. This could be due to the lack of usefulness of the applications they developed at that time for our smartphones and tablets.

However, with the arrival of iOS 8 the company added new ones, removed others and updated the ones that would follow . Most of these applications were free, the rest ended up being free.

Adobe updates its Creative Cloud Suite for iOS 9
Adobe updates its Creative Cloud Suite for iOS 9

Now, with iOS 9 on our devices, Adobe has released a new update to its Creative Cloud suite , as reported in Apple Insider. When we talk about the suite, we don’t just mean mobile applications, we also mean desktop ones. Although we are going to focus on what is really important: the update for iOS 9.

What’s new?

Applications that receive an update are: Capture CC, Photoshop Fix, Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Sketch, Comp CC and Premiere Clip. In these new versions, Adobe takes advantage of what iOS 9 offers to improve the inclusion of its apps in your device and reminds you that along with iOS 9 has come the famous iPad Pro and its Apple Pencil.

So, as you may have guessed, their applications are already compatible with the iPad Pro and its accessories . Now you won’t have any problem vectorizing your own drawing or simply selecting an area in Photoshop Mix.

In the same way, when you want to copy some image from the internet or add a text box in your Photoshop project: it will be even easier. These tools also become compatible with the Split View and Slide Over functions, two of the best iOS 9 additions.

Will Clip be positioned as number one?

Meanwhile, Premiere Clip has changed more lines of code than any of its sisters . It has seen its user interface renewed, although the change has not been substantial, we suppose that Adobe has done it looking for even more simplicity in the use of its tool. Moreover, this is not the only novelty, the video editing application now implements two new features: automatic video correction and music synchronization.

We can’t forget that these applications are complements of their desktop versions , in Adobe’s page they specify with which desktop application each one is integrated. While it is true that none of these applications can replace their desktop version, some of them can get you out of a hurry or simply supplement the use you make of its big sister.

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In short, it is to be welcomed that developers are quick to make their applications compatible with the iPad Pro and its pen or with the new features implemented in the new versions of iOS.

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