Adobe Slate, the Best App to Write a Blog on your iPad

A couple of days ago, we were talking about the new iPad version of the Sway application, an app that allows us to create presentations quickly and easily and that is being touted as the perfect replacement for Microsoft Office Powerpoint. Today, we will talk about Adobe Slate , another ideal alternative, this time for writing a blog from the iPad .

Adobe’s Slate application for iPad allows us to write stories, presentations and blogs with a very visual design by adding images, text and even links.

Adobe and Apple, friends again

Adobe Slate, the Best App to Write a Blog on your iPad
Adobe Slate, the Best App to Write a Blog on your iPad

After the decline of Adobe’s Flash both on the web (YouTube, to mention one) and on mobile devices (iOS and Android), it seems that the guys at the American software company started to get their act together and develop a lot of free applications that allow users to create all kinds of projects from the iPhone and iPad. Something that shows that Apple and Adobe are recovering their good relationship, let’s remember that even Steve Jobs commented that it was one of the companies he respected the most .

One of these free applications is Adobe Slate, but there are many more. In its day, in iPadizate, we already presented some of them. Like for example their new 9 design apps for iPhone and iPad. However, today we will focus on Slate.

Adobe Slate: Create unique stories

As you will see in the images and video, with Adobe Slate we will be able to create digital projects in which we will have the freedom to choose where to place each image and text.

Thanks to its intuitiveness it is very easy to add titles, subtitles, links and much more. We can even create mini-sliders with images that give our texts a very beautiful and creative look.

Of course, the possibility of inserting videos is missing, but we still found it a very good alternative for writing blogs, stories, presentations and invitations that we can then share in the Adobe community, on Facebook, on Twitter, by mail and in Messages.

Download Adobe Slate

If you like writing blogs and creating amazing stories we invite you to try this great free application from Adobe from the following download button:

After trying it out for a couple of weeks, we were delighted with both the aesthetics of its design and its intuitiveness and user experience. Adobe Slate is a great tool for bloggers , tourists who want to share their trips or writers who want to transmit their stories. What do you think? Have you already tried this Adobe application?

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