Adobe migrates its Creative Suite to the cloud. Are you for it or against it?

Times are moving fast and companies are trying to adapt to them sometimes more effectively than others. Adobe has seen that the future is in the cloud and has thought about this system when offering the next iteration of what will be the Adobe Suite. Thought by and for the user, or that’s what they say, here we tell you how it works, price plans and the inconveniences it can present.

A couple of days ago Adobe, the company responsible among others for the well-known Adobe Photoshop, announced something that has taken many of us by surprise and that means an important change of direction in the world of the distribution of software .

Adobe migrates its Creative Suite to the cloud. Are you for it or against it?
Adobe migrates its Creative Suite to the cloud. Are you for it or against it?

The American company has announced that the current Adobe Creative Suite CS6 will be the last one we will be able to buy in physical format . From now on, the new versions will only be available online . So we will find ourselves with Adobe Photoshop CS7 and the corresponding version will be called Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) .

With the availability that their location in the cloud implies, the company and related sectors say that everything is for the good of the user, to avoid piracy and that in this way we can save up to 300 euros per year, for the purchase of a license that until now could be more than 2000 euros.

Let’s analyze step by step what this new Adobe policy consists of, and as a colophon, what, personally speaking, I think are the cons of this way of selling the product.

It does not mean relying on the cloud for everything

Unlike other applications such as Google Docs or Chromium, with the Creative Cloud we don’t have to access files and applications through our browser . The applications will be installed as before on our computers, the difference lies in the options offered.

We offer between 20 GB or 100 GB of storage online , so even if we change equipment our options and preferences are always available . This capacity also, as you have probably deduced, serves to save content that we have created in the same way, in the cloud, so that it is fully accessible, something very similar to Google Docs, allowing several users to work on the same file.

What is the subscription for?

You don’t have to be permanently connected, just a monthly connection is enough to pay the monthly fee , whose prices vary considerably if you are a company, an individual, a student or if you are upgrading from a previous version. Even if we make use of an annual subscription we will have to connect every 30 days to validate licenses

With this we clearly seek to avoid piracy and on the other hand and according to the company, benefit the user, because why pay for the entire Suite if we are only going to use one application, for example Photoshop or Lightroom? This payment therefore gives us access to use the application we have been using up to now without any additional functions. Just the use of the cloud.


A distinction is made here between the sectors to which the purchase is directed in each case, whether individuals, students, small or large companies:


Adobe will offer a free 30-day trial , with 2 GB of storage and unlimited access to the services. From then on, the price to pay will be 24.59 euros per application or 61.49 euros per month if we use the complete suite. To this we must add 20 GB of storage and limited access in the case of the complete Suite.

If we want to upgrade and we are Adobe CS3 or later users, we will have to pay 36.89 euros per month, which will drop to 24.59 euros per month if we have Adobe CS6 installed. Finally, for users of Adobe CS3 and later who choose the option of using a single application, the price to pay will be 12.29 Euros per month, with a commitment of one year for each purchase


It is aimed at the education sector, more precisely at students and teachers, who will be able to use the Creative Cloud for 19.99 euros per month if they are individuals or 43.04 euros per month if they are a team but from the education sector. In both cases, you must apply for a subscription before June 25 to take advantage of this offer.


In the case of companies the storage capacity increases up to 100 GB to which they add two additions such as implementation, administration and centralized billing plus two calls to expert services per license. The price to pay will be 86.09 euros per month , which will drop to 49.19 euros per month if you are already a Creative Suite user.


Among the new features mentioned, the application that focuses almost all the lights is Photoshop CC, in which two new functions stand out over all the others. We are talking about the softened focus that seeks to improve aspects such as clarity and decrease noise and the camera image stabilizer , to be able to amend the photos that have not come out as we would have liked

Other new features are also added, such as a new 3D Scene panel, improved 3D effects, generation of CSS attributes for web design, new layouts and so on.


Although Adobe tries to make it look like a significant saving, is basically just a measure to stop piracy . Just as with DRM or the distribution of digital content, it is something that, from the point of view of its adoption, is detrimental to the consumer. How can this be?

Easy, because we’re paying for something we don’t really have. It is true that the savings are significant, but perhaps it is not so significant when we check how the company saves costs of production, packaging, worldwide distribution . Some voices have already compared this practice with that carried out by companies such as Apple and Microsoft with their versions of Mac OS X Mountain Lion or Windows 8 respectively.

Both versions, especially Mac OS X, at a derisory price, but above all in a single payment, which gives us the right to use it for life and not for months, especially if an annual commitment is required in each case. If we put ourselves in the shoes of a novice user who wants to use the entire suite, the accounts are clear. You will make an annual payment of 737 euros minimum , after which, if you decide to stop paying, you will have nothing. Little usable in that case, no?

In the aspect that affects the Mac ecosystem, Adobe and its suite are programs widely used by a large group of professionals, whether web editors, graphic designers, etc. These will suddenly see how they must pay a significant amount without obtaining a fixed asset, something quantifiable, in physical format. Then they may decide on other less popular alternatives that enjoy great acceptance and good reviews. At the same time, this turn of events may favour the emergence of applications similar to Adobe Photoshop and company in the Mac App Store with a more affordable price and a less aggressive sales policy, which could favour their rapid expansion.

Adobe and have ensured that Adobe CS6 will continue to be available for customers who do not wish to subscribe to the new versions. That said, they shouldn’t have them all with them when they leave this door ajar. What is your opinion on this? Do you think it’s a wrong policy to have Adobe or do you see it as the only possible way?

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