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Adobe May Release Adobe Lightroom for iPad and iPad Mini in Brief

“Take Lightroom anywhere” is the slogan for the launch of the photo editing application

Adobe is preparing something, something really good if you like to retouch your photographs , either professionally or amateurly. With the application he’s preparing, you’ll also be able to forget about filling up your iPad’s internal memory as you’ll be able to have your photos in a cloud.

The U.S. software company Adobe is preparing the tablet version of its popular photo-editing and post-production program Lightroom. If you already enjoyed it on your Mac or PC, in the not-too-distant future it will be able to be used on any iPad model as well.

Photo editing in RAW format for a low annual cost

Adobe May Release Adobe Lightroom for iPad and iPad Mini in BriefAdobe May Release Adobe Lightroom for iPad and iPad Mini in Brief

From what Adobe’s Lightroom product manager Tom Hogarty said a few months ago, it was inferred that the same options we have in the desktop version , could be enjoyed on the iPad.

Lightroom software allows photo editors to retouch high-resolution snapshots and is a plug-in for other Adobe products, such as Photoshop. While we already knew what it would look like from the photos of the prototype they published, it is expected to have a completely revamped design, adapted to iOS 7.

The application works with the power of the iPad processor to edit the RAW files of a digital SLR camera. As far as we know, since no one has confirmed anything, the subscription to this service would be priced at $99 per year (about $73 at current exchange rates).

Photos can be stored in a cloud and will not take up space on the iPad

Of course, the more quality a photo has, the more space it takes up due to its heavy weight. That’s why it would be a bit illogical to store in our iPad all the photos that we want to retouch, since that would make our internal memory fill up quickly (the RAW files of some cameras can easily reach 20 or 30MB each).

To prevent that from happening, Adobe would make it available to Lightroom users to synchronize the desktop and iPad libraries with Adobe Creative Cloud. This way we can access all photos at any time, regardless of where we downloaded them, be able to retouch and re-upload them, and keep all devices in perfect sync.

As pointed out in 9to5Mac, the first references to this application appeared on Adobe’s official website early last week. Upon receiving comments on the product launch, the company ran to remove all information concerning it . This leads us to believe that it won’t be long before we have the Lightroom application available for download on our iPad.

What we don’t know for sure is if this application will also be available for the iPad Mini, since when they first talked about the product, nothing was mentioned about the little brother for Apple tablets . We imagine that it was, but we’ll have to wait to confirm it.