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Adobe launches Lightroom 5 with exciting new options

Photoshop Lightroom 5

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Adobe launches Lightroom 5 with exciting new options
Adobe launches Lightroom 5 with exciting new options

Adobe has decided to launch Lighroom 5 shortly after the release of the public beta. Now we’ll have to buy it if we want to continue using it, and it includes quite a few very interesting new features, such as the advanced correction brush, the upright function that allows us to straighten photos out of perspective, or the new radial gradient.

With just one month to enjoy the beta, Adobe today launched the final version of its Lightroom digital developer. The new version 5 of Lightroom can be purchased for EUR 127.92 as a new customer or EUR 72.57 as an upgrade from a previous version .

We can purchase either separate software or through the Creative Cloud platform to have all our work hosted in the cloud.

Here is the list of the most important improvements from Aperture’s direct competitors:

Advanced correction brush

The new Advanced Correction Brush can not only resize, but also move with precise strokes. Now we can remove unwanted elements from the scene (even those with irregular shapes, like strings).


With the Upright function we can straighten crooked images with a single click . What it does is analyze the images to detect crooked horizontal and vertical lines, even those where the horizon is hidden, and thus allow those photos of buildings with bad perspective to be perfect.

Radial Degradation

With the new radial gradient we can highlight the important parts of the image with more control and flexibility. Basically it is an improvement of the vignetting tool, which will now allow us to create non-centered vignettes or multiple vignette areas in a single image.

Smart Previews

You no longer need to have your external hard drive connected to work with our entire library. It will now be possible to generate smaller copies of the files at full size (about 5% of the size of a RAW). So, any adjustments you make to them or metadata we add to them will automatically be applied to the original files when we connect the hard drive again.

Video slideshows

In this new version 5 of Lightroom we will be able to combine still images, video clips, and music into the presentations we create, giving us more customization options than before.

Improved photo book creation

New, more user-friendly book templates have now been included, and, as with the slide shows, Adobe has included more options and simplified the creation process.


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