Adobe launches Lightroom 5 Public Beta

Lightroom 5 Beta disponible
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Adobe launches Lightroom 5 Public Beta
Adobe launches Lightroom 5 Public Beta

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It is available to anyone who wants to try it out and help their development team polish up and fix any bugs that may arise. Adobe has repeatedly thanked all users for their feedback and suggestions, and the team has been improving and adding features as needed.

Adobe has been working hard on this new version of its photographic software specialized in digital imaging and post-production work . From its beginnings back in 2006 until this beta launched in 2013, five versions of this software have been released. Thanks to its potential, has become the most used and loved by professionals for its use .

With the release of this beta of Lightroom they want to give users the opportunity to test the new features and tools that have been developed for this version . They tell us how from the beginning, in each version they have listened to their users’ needs and have been solving and adding what they were asked to. Now, in this fifth version and with this beta, they want to get feedback to continue improving and polishing up any bugs that come up .

In this release, the developers aimed to add highly requested features that will allow photographers to work faster . Tools such as perspective correction with a single click or the ability to edit photos even without being connected to the original photos among many others have been added. Adobe thanks the feedback from the users who are responsible for each of the improvements in this new version of Lightroom .

Enhanced adjustment brush

With this new tool we can correct or clone areas much more efficiently. Now we can directly choose the areas or zones we want.

Radial filter

With this tool we can apply any attribute to a circular filter. This area can be resized, textured and even inverted to give you full control over what is focused with this filter.


This tool automatically levels the horizon. We will be able to correct crooked lines, straighten and correct perspectives of buildings. Another popular tool already available in this version of Lightroom.

These are only some of the features that have been implemented in this latest version of Lightroom . But that’s not the end of it. You can download the Lightroom 5 beta right now and continue to test and check out each and every new feature of this new version of the Adobe guys’ photo software for yourself.

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