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Adobe Creative Cloud, now available

Creative Cloud

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Adobe Creative Cloud, now available
Adobe Creative Cloud, now available

Adobe finally makes available the new Creative Cloud suite, where the annual versions are behind and everything is in the cloud. Now instead of buying licenses, we have access to a monthly or annual subscription rental system where Adobe will allow us to use their applications by logging into our account. Despite the controversy raised, we have 30 days to try them out.

Back in May we told you that Adobe had launched a new version of its creative suite for designers, which had behind it a new and controversial subscription system to prevent piracy , where now Adobe instead of selling us their applications, they rent them to us for months.

All applications in the package have received some improvements , but the changes are not as drastic as we saw in the jump from CS5 to CS6. Now we won’t have CS7 or CS8 anymore, but Adobe will update the CC applications gradually, without major releases .

Well, today they are finally making their new application package available to all users for anyone who wants to try it out and pay the subscription. Nevertheless, since many people are unhappy with the new path Adobe has decided to take, we will be able to continue buying CS6 for a while and Lightroom is still sold separately , in case we don’t want to include it in the Creative Cloud subscription system.

Once the system is implemented in the cloud, we are promised more updates throughout the year . I would even bet on a change in the licensing method, since practically nobody agrees with paying X euros a month to use a package of design applications, this is not Spotify, it is something professional.

At the moment the prices are 24.59 euros per month for individual application , 61.49 euros for the complete package with a one year commitment and we also have special offers if we upgrade from other older versions of Adobe CS, as we can see in the image above.