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Adobe celebrates the 25th anniversary of Photoshop

25 aniversario de Photoshop

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Adobe celebrates the 25th anniversary of Photoshop
Adobe celebrates the 25th anniversary of Photoshop

Today is a very special day for designers, since is the 25th anniversary of one of the most famous and used applications in graphic design and other plastic arts . I am referring to Photoshop, one of the tools in Adobe’s great creative package, the Creative Suite. Photoshop is installed in many millions of computers around the world, and is one of those apps with as much tradition and prominence as Microsoft’s Office.

Its birth is closely related to the Mac, although years later it was also dropped into Windows, and today both versions are developed in parallel. It was on February 19, 1990 when Adobe launched version 1.0 of Photoshop , although its development began in 1987 when John Knoll began developing an application called Display on his Macintosh Plus, which was capable of displaying grayscale images on the Macintosh’s monochrome monitor.

And this is where it all started. Although it has several competitors such as Pixelmator or Affinity Designer, it is still the king in the professional world. And to celebrate this they have prepared a commemorative video .

But this is not the only interesting video, because there is another one from the first Photoshop demonstration, from the first image “officially photoshopped” . Do you remember Jennifer in Paradise? Yes, is John Knoll’s wife and she was the model to demonstrate the digital editing capabilities that Photoshop offered .


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