adjusting the brightness of our screen with BrightVol

Another week we are with all of you to show a new utility that helps us in the day to day with our devices. As its name indicates and many of you already know, this utility will help us to manage the brightness of our screen through the volume buttons.

At the height of the Christmas season, we at AppleSupportPhoneNumber have not ceased in our efforts to provide our devices with new and useful iOS functionalities. With this objective we developed the section Tuning iOS, through which many and very diverse utilities have already passed along these months. On this occasion we will detail the use of a new tweak with which to control the brightness of our screen without having to go to the settings menu.

adjusting the brightness of our screen with BrightVol
adjusting the brightness of our screen with BrightVol

The tweak in question is called BrightVol and can be found on Cydia for free. As we said before, the purpose of this utility is to control the screen brightness of our device without having to access the settings menu . To do this, use the button on the side of your iPhone or iPad to increase or decrease the volume. The bad news is that is not yet compatible with iOS 6 devices .

This application uses Activator, a very competitive tweak that we already analyzed at the time. Its use is very simple and once installed from Cydia the device will perform a respring . After returning to the main screen you can access the new function.

The particularity is that we can keep on turning the volume up and down with the same buttons as always . The trick and operation of tweak is that in order to change the brightness of the screen, we have to press both volume buttons at the same time . At that point we have access to change the screen brightness. To allow the volume change again, just press both buttons again and we will be able to access the volume change again.

Although it might not seem important, we have to remember that the screens in our devices are responsible most of the times for almost all the energy consumption of our terminal**, so it is always convenient to have a screen brightness adjusted to the light situation we are in.

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