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Adding the App Activity to the Apple Watch Spheres

One of the reasons why the Cupertino’s Apple Watch has been so successful is because of its functions and applications that help us keep our bodies fit and our health intact. One of these apps is Activity.

If you want to know your daily activity at all times, it is interesting to add the Activity application to the Apple Watch . Do you want to learn how to do it? We explain it to you in a few simple steps.

Activity, the application that helps us stay in shape

Adding the App Activity to the Apple Watch Spheres
Adding the App Activity to the Apple Watch Spheres

The app Activity shows us three circular rings with various information such as the number of times we get up, the distance we travel at the end of the day and the exercise we do. The application is capable of storing all our daily achievements, thus rewarding our evolution and progress.

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How do I add Activity to the Apple Watch Spheres?

1. Press firmly on the clock interface on your Apple Watch.

2. Click on the “Customize” button.

3. Select the design that best suits your tastes and needs to show the Activity application.

4. Use the digital crown to navigate through the options until you see “Activity”.

  1. The information in the Activity app will appear based on the free space available on your Apple Watch dial. At the bottom, our iMore colleagues show us a picture with two different examples, one showing the circular rings and the other showing additional information (calories, minutes…).

There is no doubt that the Activity application will help us to exercise daily and know if we need to improve in any aspect of our health. If you liked this article do not forget to visit the compilation of the 10 best health apps for iPhone and iPad.

Have you bought your Apple Watch yet? What do you use it for? Do you use it to get health information? Have you tried the Activity app? Share your experiences in the comments section and on our social networks – thanks for participating!

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