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Adding reminders on the iPhone

If you’re new to iOS or have never thought about adding reminders before, you may want to know how to do it. There are several applications with which to manage these types of reminders, some more complete than others. However, it is not convenient to install these in most cases unless you want added features or a very complete agenda management. Natively, you can set reminders very easily.

Use Siri to add reminders

Apple’s Virtual Assistant is in everything, even your reminders. Using it is probably the most convenient way to create reminders, because you can do it in less than 5 seconds and simply use your voice. If you’ve never used Siri for this, you should know which command to use. It’s not a big loss and in fact it works with several phrases, but simply saying “Add a reminder” will have the assistant asking you for more information such as the date or the reason for the reminder.

Adding reminders on the iPhoneAdding reminders on the iPhone

You can also add a one-time reminder by saying something like “Add a reminder for tomorrow at 8 with a meeting issue”. Remember, you can call Siri from the Home button on iPhone 8 and earlier, and from the side lock button on iPhone X and later. If you also have an iPhone 6s or later, you can do this using the voice command “Hey Siri”.

iOS Reminder App

The way to manage reminders on an iPhone is through an app with the same name. Even the ones added through Siri are inserted in this app. It is natively installed, but can be uninstalled if desired. If you had previously uninstalled it, you can find it again in the App Store and download it for free, as usual.

DownloadQR-CodeRemindersDeveloper: ApplePrice: Free

In iOS 13 and later we find a redesigned app where you can manage reminders in a more complete way than it used to be. By default, it is divided into Periodic, Punctual and Urgent . That way you can differentiate between different types of alerts depending on whether they are important or not. By pressing the ‘+’ button below any of them you can add new ones. If you also click on the ‘i’ , you can add other information such as a URL, set the day, add a priority…

There are several interesting options within these settings, such as the possibility of reminding you of something when you are in a certain place . For example, imagine you forgot an item in your office and don’t want to leave without it. Adding your office address will trigger a notification when you arrive so you remember to put it in your backpack. Another very useful option is to send reminders when you talk to someone through messages. The example of this would be if you had to remind your friend Pepe that he owes you 10 euros, because with this option activated he will skip the reminder when you establish a conversation with him through Messages. Unfortunately this last feature is not active for other messaging platforms like WhatsApp.

Remember that you can also add periodicity to the reminders. You can choose to be reminded of something every day, every week, every month or at a customised time interval. Imagine that you have to take your pet to the vet every few months for a check-up, because you can add it in this app so that you don’t forget.

Other methods to remind you of something

We believe that the best way to set reminders on the iPhone is through the aforementioned application, however you can find other methods in the system that will serve you just as well. Perhaps this is not the purpose for which it is intended, but the app from Clock can help you do this if you go to the tab from Alarms . By setting one or more days, a time, a text and an alert tone, you can set a series of alarms that also serve as a reminder.

In the same way you can set alarms in the calendar to carry out certain tasks. Entering this native iOS app, you can press the ‘+’ button at the top right and add an event. You can set a duration of the whole day or minutes and hours. The option you have to activate is Warning , because it will allow you to receive notifications from one hour before the event until one week before.

In any case, as you’ve already seen, the iPhone has tools that are simple enough but useful enough not to let you forget anything. After all, we have too many things on our minds to be able to memorize everything, and a computer like this one we use so often can be the key.