Add Widgets to your iPad Screen with Tweak Dashboard X

Today we tested a Cydia tweak for iPad called Dashboard X . This tweak allows you to insert ‘widgets’ on your iPad screen in the purest Android style . You can resize them, position them and add more or less depending on the shortcuts you want to have at hand. In addition, the widgets will orient themselves to the rhythm of your iPad, in either a horizontal or vertical position.

Dashboard X iPad

Dashboard adds an application icon to the springboard of your iPad where you can make tweak settings. It will also add a new menu in the ‘settings’ section of your iPad. You can change its settings on either side.

Add Widgets to your iPad Screen with Tweak Dashboard X
Add Widgets to your iPad Screen with Tweak Dashboard X

Within the settings of this iPad app we can activate and deactivate the editing of the widgets with a long touch of the screen. You can also select the ‘widgets’ you want to activate from those available.

You can also select the activation method , either with a button on the iPad or with a gesture on the screen, whichever is more convenient for you. You can also download more ‘widgets’ from a shortcut in the menu.

The tweak will be activated in the way you have chosen and you can get many shortcuts to notifications on your screen, such as the weather tweak, or ‘widgets’ directly to applications, such as the Twitter tweak, a ‘widget’ to play your music, etc.

Here’s the Dashboard X iPad video:

Dashboard X fills a gap that we have had since Android brought out its famous widgets. With this application you won’t have any more complaints. You can choose where they appear on the screen and how big you want them to be. Each widget also has its own settings such as text style, formatting, etc. The application is stable and we imagine that they will update it to be able to place any application as a widget. Dashboard X is compatible with all iPad versions.

Remember that the application is only available on Cydia and you need to have the Jailbreak done.

Dashboard X is priced at 1.60 and is available in the following repository:


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