Add lyrics to the songs in your iTunes library

Get Lyrical, a free lyric labelling application that will delight the most demanding iTunes users. Discretion, simplicity and manageability combined in a must-have application on your Mac. Adding lyrics to songs in your iTunes library has never been easier or faster. Perfect complement to iTunes

It is well known that the most demanding users of iTunes want to have the maximum information available on the songs that are part of their iTunes library . Well, after a lot of trying, a lot of searching, finding junk apps and taking away some of the pain, I have found the free app ideal for automatically adding the lyrics to the songs in our iTunes Library and especially those in English. Gone are the days when, if you didn’t understand the lyrics of a song, you had to go online and manually add it to your music collection.

Add lyrics to the songs in your iTunes library
Add lyrics to the songs in your iTunes library

Meet Get Lyrical . If you don’t know this application, I recommend you download it because, as I said, it’s free and very easy to use. What’s most striking about Get Lyrical, apart from its functionality , is its discretion, takes up very little space on our screen , so it doesn’t get in the way of handling our Mac.

As for the operation , it is a matter of course . First, we need to open iTunes and then Get Lyrical. Once we have the two applications open we have to select in iTunes the songs to which we want to add the lyrics (for the first tests, it is advisable to select about ten songs). Then, we go to Get Lyrical and click on Tag Selection . A window will open showing a progress bar which tells us which songs are being labelled and how much time remains before we finish labelling the songs we have previously selected. When the application finishes adding lyrics to the songs, the following message appears below the taskbar: Done! Found x of x . To check, go to iTunes, select any tagged song, press cmd + i on your keyboard and go to the tab Lyrics in the menu that opens in iTunes. We’ll check that the letter has been added correctly.

If, for any reason, the lyrics have not been tagged all the selected songs, e.g. instrumental songs, to the right of the message Done! Found X from X , Get Lyrical will create a menu called Show Unlabeled , which we will click on. iTunes will then create a Playlist with the name Lyrics Not Found , which will show us a list of the tracks for which the application has not found the lyrics.

In addition, Get Lyrical gives us the ability to tag playlists, edit song lyrics and perform callout Active Tagging . This means that you can tag the lyrics while they are playing , so you don’t have to select the songs you want to tag.

The application has left me a very good taste in my mouth : it’s free, it works like a charm, it has a quite large lyrics database and labels both commercial and less known songs. You should definitely try it .

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