Activate night mode on Apple Maps with AlwaysNightMode

One of the most useful applications that we have on our device and that we often do not realize, is the app of Apple Maps with which we have a very extensive information, not only road network, also aerial views in satellite mode, cities with 3D presentations and, of course, a powerful and effective navigation system.

For these reasons, in addition to using the map application of the Californian company to consult some routes or see where a specific address or business is, is used mainly as a navigator in the car .

Activate night mode on Apple Maps with AlwaysNightMode
Activate night mode on Apple Maps with AlwaysNightMode

The utility and help that Apple Maps offers when it comes to getting behind the wheel and having to decide which direction to take, is quite clear. However, it has a but. This but is the lack of a night mode with manual control, which allows us to use the maps with darker tones so that we do not bother so much the screen of our device . Nothing that can’t be solved with Jailbreak.

Possibly in June, during the iOS 10 presentation at the WWDC, we will see this functionality in the new Apple Maps. For the time being we can settle for AlwaysNightMode , the free tweak found in Cydia .

How do we get AlwaysNightMode? . By following these simple steps:

  1. We opened Cydia.
  2. Click the Search button on the bottom navigation bar and type in the AlwaysNightMode search engine.
  3. We marked Modify and finally install. Once the installation is finished we will have the tweak operative in our device.

This tweak may invite you to come over to the Jailbreak to squeeze the full potential out of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If that’s you, might be a good time to assess whether or not it’s worth “unlocking” your device .

Do you want to know more tweaks and Jailbreak possibilities? Enter our section and discover new possibilities to get more out of our iOS device.

If you have iOS 9, iOS 9.0.1 or iOS 9.0.2 and you decide to Jailbreak your device -always under your responsibility- in this section you will find how to do it quickly and easily .

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