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Aces, Pilot a Hunt in this Great iPad Game

MetalStorm: Aces, an iPad game that will make you release adrenaline

I’m sure you’ve wanted to feel what it’s like to fly a high-speed fighter jet and be like Maverick in the movie “Top Gun” in his F-14 “Tomcat” or like Clint Eastwood stealing the “Firefox” from the enemy. With MetalStorm: Aces for iPad you have the chance to fly supersonic fighter planes and take on other pilots online to become the best pilot. Challenge your friends, beat them and get better performing planes!

MetalStorm: Aces is a universal game (iPad and iPhone) in which you will put yourself in the shoes of a supersonic fighter pilot to defend your territory. With great graphics and easy to use controls you will soon be able to take over the operation of your plane and become the best pilot, the Ace of pilots. What are you waiting for to start?

MetalStorm: Aces, fight online with your friends in real time

Aces, Pilot a Hunt in this Great iPad Game
Aces, Pilot a Hunt in this Great iPad Game

MetalStorm: Aces presents three game modes to spend hours and hours glued to your iPad. The ” Campaign ” mode offers you 60 missions spread over 15 campaigns. In this mode you will fight against the machine and yourself with attack missions with obstacles to avoid. In the mode ” Versus ” you will fight against your friends and in the mode ” Survival ” you will need all your resources and your skill to survive all your enemies.

Don’t think that understanding the controls of a supersonic fighter is difficult. This app makes use of your iPad’s gyro which, together with some touches on the game screen, will make controlling these supersonic machines easy for you from the first mission. As you complete missions or defeat your enemies in online modes, you’ll earn coins to purchase better planes and skill points to improve your fighter’s performance.

You’ll use bullets and missiles to take out your enemies. As you advance, the power of these weapons will increase and they will be more destructive. And if your opponents resist you, or you are in a hurry to change planes or arm yourself first, all you have to do is use the inapp shopping offered by the game – that’s for sure!

In “versus” mode you can use the integrated chat system to communicate with your flying partner when playing two-on-two. In addition, spectacular, high-definition graphics and sound that will envelop you and make you think you’re inside the cockpit of your fighter make this game a must have on your iPad.

MetalStorm: Aces should be a must-have app on your iPad. Incredible graphics , surround sound and, above all, a gameplay that will make you spend hours and hours playing and eliminating your rivals, make this game one of the best options in combat fighter simulation you have ever tried on your tablet. Download it and start becoming the king of pilots! And don’t forget to tell your friends so they can share the online modes that MetalStorm: Aces offers.