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According to predictions, Apple would earn over $500 for every iPhone 6 sold

Although it has not yet been possible to calculate the cost of the components individually, Business Insider has made an analysis where they estimate that of each iPhone 6s sold, Apple earns about 500 dollars, no more and no less . This estimate puts the components of the iPhone 6s at $234. Of course, these prices exclude the costs of distribution, research, development, software , assembly, shipping, marketing, etc.

Even so, with $749 Apple asks us for a 64GB iPhone 6s, it would be approximately $515 in profits , from which we would have to subtract everything mentioned above. It would still be a lot of money for phone winnings. No wonder Apple is one of the companies in the world that obtains more money in profits from the sale of its devices.

According to predictions, Apple would earn over $500 for every iPhone 6 soldAccording to predictions, Apple would earn over $500 for every iPhone 6 sold

According to the graph, the most expensive part would be the chips, which would take $127 . There, sensors such as the Touch ID or NFC module would enter, costing 22 dollars. The cheapest part is the 64 GB flash memory, which would cost 20 dollars, although Apple asks 100 euros for each jump between one storage and another. The most expensive part is the panel with the 3D Touch, which would cost 50 dollars. Other components such as the battery, screen or cameras would add 73 dollars to the equation. Finally, the housing and other components would cost $33.

We’re finding that Apple is gaining a foothold from the zero minute sale of the iPhone 6s. Over time, the production processes are optimized and the components are lowered in price , so the costs of producing the iPhone drop as the months go by, but not its retail price.

The iPhone has an increasingly higher starting price, although as we can see in the graph, it has an increasingly higher construction price as well. But even though the iPhone is becoming more and more expensive, Apple keeps breaking records in the first weekend of sales . We’ll see how many millions of units are sold next weekend on Friday, September 25th.