access your Mac remotely


Almost everyone is adamant that MobileMe offers nothing new and that most options are already available on other web services for free. That’s true, but there’s a really great feature called “Back to my Mac.

access your Mac remotely
access your Mac remotely

Feature that allows us to use our computer remotely . But the competition doesn’t sleep and the company Yazsoft has released a software that does the same function but without paying anything, except for the clear program. Sharetool allows us to control our Mac remotely as if it were in our local network.

Its configuration apparently trivial has been a great impediment to not making a deeper analysis of the program, since as easy as it may seem the truth is that I have suffered thousands of problems and in no case have I achieved a correct connection of the program.

With the exception of this small detail, the program has among its features a fully encrypted connection , to maintain the security of our data, compatibility with any VNC client and real-time compression for sending large documents more efficiently, among other features.

The software is priced at £15 and the lack of a more in-depth performance analysis looks, why not say so, very good.

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