access to multimedia content on your TV


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access to multimedia content on your TV
access to multimedia content on your TV

The AppleTV is the ultimate device for getting multimedia content directly to your TV conveniently, easily and comfortably on our couch with the built-in Apple Remote. Apple already presented at the WWDC the iTV, a proof of concept device that has ended up presenting today, the AppleTV.

This is a wireless device with TV connection that can access multimedia content provided by iTunes 7 in either Windows or Mac OS X version , wirelessly through the built-in 802.11 wireless or through a network (it has ethernet connection ).

So the AppleTV becomes a full-featured wireless media center that will be able to synchronize our computer’s multimedia content to your 40GB hard drive (allowing you to store up to 50 hours of video, 9,000 songs, 25,000 photos or a combination of these), all at a price of 289 euros , now available from the Apple Store. The connection to the TV (which, as far as I read, has to be 16:9 and with certain features) is made by means of HDMI or composite video cables not included in the price (25 euros more or less in the same Apple Store).

And on the other hand, the contents that we can enjoy through AppleTV, by means of a Front Row interface, are very well explained in this tour offered by its official website: Movies, videos, TV, music, photos, podcasts… everything in the living room .

In short, I think it is an interesting device to take into account to make the TV come into play and we can access the contents we like easily and comfortably, on the contrary, we will see if with that price, in my opinion very high, it gets a wide acceptance among the general public.

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