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AC-7 Pro, mixer for the iPad

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AC-7 Pro is an application that allows you to take control of your music recording or mixing sessions . With an interface that imitates a mixing desk we will be able to vary the controls, go back or forward and even play, stop, go back or forward among many other functions. With presets for applications such as Logic Studio or ProTools, or with standard settings for use with other applications.

AC-7 Pro, mixer for the iPadAC-7 Pro, mixer for the iPad

To make use of the application we will have to install a server on our computer that allows connection via wifi, its name DSMI Server. The price of this application is 7.99 euros; much cheaper than a table. If it is really useful for users who are starting or even have some shooting is something that you should tell me as experts. I found it very interesting.

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