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Absher, the application to control women in Saudi Arabia will be analyzed

Most users in Saudi Arabia have an application called Absher installed on their iPhone. This application developed by the government allows citizens to carry out various procedures with the administration such as different applications or the payment of fines. The function that has made many of us take our hands to the head is that this application allows to control the women of this country.

We are talking about Saudi Arabia, one of the countries where women have hardly any rights and must always be under the guardianship of a man, both their father at the beginning of their lives and their husbands when they get married. The right to be a free and independent woman in this country is not conceived and that is why this function of controlling them through a government app there is the most normal thing but in the rest of civilized countries we have taken our hands to the head as it could not be otherwise.

Absher, the application to control women in Saudi Arabia will be analyzedAbsher, the application to control women in Saudi Arabia will be analyzed

The controversy comes because both the Play Store and the App Store host this application without any problem despite the fact that it is used to monitor a person’s position and deprive them of their personal freedom and therefore of their human rights.

The Insider media was the first to give the warning voice when it discovered this application that it qualified as a “huge and sinister online database of women that men use to track them and prevent them from escaping “. In view of this fact, they obviously asked Apple and Google for information about it but they did not receive a response even after receiving the support from Amnesty International and the Human Rights Observatory . Even a US Senator has joined this complaint and demanded that this application be immediately removed from the App Store and Play Store, calling it ” abominable”.

The only statement we’ve had from Apple on this app to date has been the words of Tim Cook in an interview at the NPC. The company’s CEO after being asked about this issue acknowledged that there was no hate to talk about it but that he would obviously analyze this case, committing himself to get to the end of this matter.

We hope that it will be analysed and eventually withdrawn because any application that violates a woman’s freedom and her human rights should not be housed anywhere.

Leave us in the comment box what you think about this application, would you remove it from the different stores?