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About the present and future of Mac manufacturing in the United States

We already know that some of the new iMacs are manufactured in the United States. Now, thanks to FedEx package tracking, we know they come from a factory in Fremont, California. As if that weren’t enough, in his last interview with BusinessWeek, Tim Cook said he would bring much of the Mac line’s production to the United States, with Foxconn likely as a partner.

As you may know, a few days ago we learned that some of the new iMacs Apple is shipping are made in the United States. This might seem a bit contradictory, especially considering that production costs are much lower in China , and Apple is a company that wants to make money.

About the present and future of Mac manufacturing in the United States
About the present and future of Mac manufacturing in the United States

Many (myself included) thought that this strange move would have to do with the delivery problems of the new iMac presented in November, that Apple would have diverted production to some American company to cover its back and meet the delivery deadlines .

However, this is not the case, and Tim Cook himself stated this in his last interview with BusinessWeek magazine, saying that they plan to bring the construction of some of their Macs to the United States throughout 2013. To do so the company will invest more than 100 million dollars , and Foxconn is probably one of its great allies, a company that also said it would start building factories in the United States.

As a result of this, we know from the words of the CEO himself that it will not be Apple itself that will make the Macs , but that they will hire different manufacturers to carry out this task.

The consequences of this are at least positive, because Apple will bring many jobs to your country . In the words of Tim Cook himself:

And of course, after that you’ll wonder why Apple is only building some Macs in the US and not its entire product line. Well it doesn’t seem that money is the problem , otherwise they wouldn’t have moved from China.

As for the production of the new iMac, there are two production lines : one at Foxconn’s factories in China and one in the United States. Equipment is manufactured indistinctly in both factories.

The US factory is located in Fremont, California. We know this because the equipment sent from there is recorded as being shipped from the San Jose area, on the FedEx tracking website.

Yes, Freemont has made Macs before. In the 1990s, there was also a construction plant in this California town. We even have a video of Apple itself.

So we can conclude that the construction of iMac in the US is just a pilot test of how some teams could be built across the pond. Now we will have to start getting used to seeing the label Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in USA and Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China indistinctly.

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