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About iPhone 5 and its nomenclature

In Applesupportphonenumber we make an analysis of the history of the iPhone and its name to get an idea of what we will find with the presentation of the new iPhone 5, expected for the end of September.

A lot is going on about a phone that we have no idea actually exists. Today, a year ago (and two and three years ago) we already had a new model in our hands, which had become the leader of a market that it had created. A market that, although it is now completely taken over by two great pillars, iOS and Android , is the Apple terminal that opens the eyes to the world with a new approach , with something that nobody had thought of before and that was just what we were all waiting for (or thought we were waiting for, at least).

About iPhone 5 and its nomenclature
About iPhone 5 and its nomenclature

In this article we’re going to review what each version of the iPhone has had that has made it so special , together with the nomenclature that Apple has followed to name them , to understand more or less what we might find if the iPhone 5 assumption that might appear at the end of next month is finally presented.

The beginnings of the iPhone

Apple arrived in 2007 with a revolutionary concept for what we knew as the smartphone market, a concept in which the physical buttons disappeared and all the space was dedicated to a screen capable of detecting several fingers with an amazing response, nothing like what was known before with the resistive screens, which forced you to put pressure on them to work. This was something else. It merged what was known as an iPod with a phone with a user experience hitherto unknown with a simplicity that nobody thought would have a place in the business sector and could be considered more as a toy than a terminal to be considered. Apple called its device iPhone, simply , but nothing followed it, because perhaps it was true that it was an experiment to “see what happens”.

iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4

The following year, the iPhone 3G was introduced, and it was not that this was the third version, but rather that it was understood that it was more important to remember the most significant feature of this terminal rather than the order in which it followed. This terminal took a step forward (again) in what we understood as a smartphone with the incorporation of data traffic on it, internet everywhere , together with the creation of the application platform that made Cupertino’s brand phone explode with an acceptance never seen before. So, a year later, a hardware change was more than enough for a terrain where the iPhone was almost king, although some Androids were starting to follow suit. As it was the third iPhone model and had the same design as the previous one, a nomenclature was chosen that gave more sense to a phone that was likely to survive for many years, so it was left with the number three (which belonged to it, due to being the third model on sale) but with an S (for speed, speed ). The phone was now called iPhone 3GS , but it was still number 3.

The other manufacturers got their act together and last year we had a market full of very competent smartphones that were far superior to the iPhone 3GS, but Apple solved it with a new terminal, with new design lines , much thinner, and a screen that created a new standard with pixels impossible to detect and that made the iPhone again an example to follow for the rest of the manufacturers. Although it was not free of problems, like the well-known antennagate . That iPhone was called iPhone 4 , the fourth generation of the Apple phone, as it met the criteria of the nomenclature imposed since the 3GS.

Uncertain future: iPhone 5?

We are now a year and two months after the launch of that last phone. It is the first time that Apple skips its usual launch schedule . We don’t know anything about it. But if we analyze the movements made so far we could get some things clear. For example, we might notice that the phone should (of course, it can vary) remain with the same name pattern as the previous one, it would be iPhone 5 because if it were called iPhone 4S, iPhone 6 would have to correct the name pattern again and they would no longer match in number. Although we could also think of a radical change in the name of the iPhone, something like iPhone Pro or iPhone HD (although it would be horrible a name like that).

In the design section, this supposed iPhone 5 should completely change its exterior finish . The bad image given by the antennagate issue has generated quite a lot of distrust among the terminal’s users and the most important ones, the potential future users . So I would not rule out a completely new finish, perhaps with a larger screen? perhaps with a double 3D camera? with a built-in pico-projector? As they say with these things, time will tell. We can only wait .

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