Abandoned by Tweetbot? These four Mac clients are also worth

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The Mac version of the service’s top client has disappeared from the Mac App Store after no longer accepting users, due to the blocking of tokens from the Twitter API. Discussions aside, it’s time to look for alternatives .

Abandoned by Tweetbot? These four Mac clients are also worth
Abandoned by Tweetbot? These four Mac clients are also worth

The outlook is not very encouraging, because all third party customers may suffer from the same problem they have had at Tapbots. Anyway, it’s always good to know which applications we have available to use Twitter from our Mac even if their API means they haven’t been updated for a while.

Twitter for Mac, the “what if” for those who don’t want another move

If you are fed up and want a Twitter client that is free, that updates frequently and that supports almost all features of the service as they are launched, then your alternative is none other than the official client .

Twitter for Mac can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store, and requires OS X Lion running on a 64-bit processor. It should also be noted that it has one of the cleanest interfaces and has all the basic options at hand.

TweetDeck, the client for hardcore users

If you’re a heavy Twitter user and don’t stop browsing lists, users, hashtags and searches, there’s another official option: TweetDeck . You can use it from the web, but there’s a desktop client for OS X available for free from the Mac App Store.

Here we move away from the classic form of a Twitter client to adopt the multi-column . TweetDeck is designed to follow several conversations at the same time, so it’s quite suitable for the most frequent ones and for social media professionals.

Echofon, the forgotten

Echofon is one of those clients who is still able to deliver what it promises despite the fact that no one has heard of it for years due to the hegemony of Tweetbot: one column, options at hand, possibility of using several accounts and a more or less pleasant interface. Free, but with advertising that we can remove for 9.99 euros in the same Mac App Store.

Twitterrific, the nostalgic

Twitterrific is perhaps the other Twitter client besides Tweetbot with a very well cared interface. Its problem: has not evolved as the service has, so there are some features that are missed. It has been promising an update for some time now, but its developer himself told us not to count on it as long as Twitter kept up with its limits of tokens on users.

If you are still interested, you can buy it for 4.99 euros in the Mac App Store. The last time it was updated was at the end of 2013.

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