ABANCA – Mobile Banking on the App Store

Download the ABANCA app and start enjoying all the benefits of the ABANCA
mobile banking. Access to services such as ABANCA Cash, Applázame or ABANCA

Receipts and performs all daily operations from your mobile (check balance and

ABANCA – Mobile Banking on the App Store
ABANCA – Mobile Banking on the App Store

check your last movements, make transfers, etc.). Also,

you will have all your personal finances at a single click (your insurance, investment funds,

pension plans or securities accounts)

Whenever you want. Wherever you want. Because there are 122,586 things better than going to the bank.
manage your savings and expenses quickly and easily from ABANCA móvil.

We want you to carry your bank with you at all times, you want to know all you can
to do with your mobile banking?


* Check your balance (you can also do it with Siri.) and control the movements of your accounts, credit accounts and cards
* Make transfers and transfers in a matter of seconds

* Make immediate transfers to any bank in Europe (if the destination bank supports these operations)

* Save your favorite operations and you’ll have them all within a click

* Activate the notifications that you want to receive about the operations of your accounts, cards, securities…

* Check out the benefits you enjoy within the “Zero Commissions” program
* Pay your receipts by taking a picture, and check or return them with a click

* Take money out of an ATM without a card or send it to whoever you want to withdraw it with ABANCA Cash

* Contact your insurance company directly in case of a claim


* Turn your cards on and off with a click

* Change your limit at ATMs, shops and internet or ask for your PIN without going to the office

* Visualize in a graphic and summarized way how you spend your money with your expense reports

* Organize and pay in installments from your mobile phone the purchases you make, both in physical and virtual stores, with APPlázame

* Transfer money from your credit card to your account and choose how many installments you want to pay back

* Extend your credit card limit with a click

* Postpone account charges, debit card purchases or direct debits with a transfer from your credit card by paying it in convenient installments
* Create virtual cards to buy on the internet without revealing your real card details

* Request the card that best suits your needs


* Contract your insurance flat rate and incorporate the insurance you have contracted
* Contract on-off insurance and you can turn on, turn off and program your insurance coverage as you need it and pay only for the days you use it
* Check your contracted insurance, your payment method and the main coverage

* Contact your company directly in case of a claim

* Check and modify a policy’s charge account

* Access your last managed receipt and request a duplicate or change your charge account

* Increase the insured amount of the building and the content of your Home insurance


* Buy and sell stocks and mutual funds whenever and wherever you want

* Find out about the evolution of your investments

* Check quotes and market information (BME, Reuters, Qbitia)

* Make contributions to your pension plan

Other advantages of ABANCA mobile banking

* Now you can become an ABANCA customer and sign up for your account with the app and your ID

* Find the nearest ATM or office and make an appointment

* If you want even more security, activate ‘Mobile Secure Access’.
* If you have iPhone 5S or later, you can now access with your fingerprint!

* Always have your documentation at hand in your correspondence

* Change your access PIN to remember it more easily

* Check and update your email and mobile in your profile

* New help to solve your doubts.


The one who can best help us keep improving is you. If something has not worked out the way you would like it to, please write to bancadistancia@abanca.com

Thank you for your confidence in ABANCA!

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