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“A5X” could be the name of the processor carrying the iPad 3… or not?

In the midst of the maelstrom of rumors that arise every day around the future iPad 3, this one appears that specifically tells us about the processor that could integrate the Apple tablet in the near future. In addition, in order to guarantee the authenticity of the rumour, a series of photographs of these homemade and blurry ones that we like so much are attached.

In the last few days, the Internet is being revolutionized and rumors are going around that we might see a new iPad model early next month. This may be all very well in the sense that it may give us some clues about what a new version of Cupertino’s tablet might include, but sometimes some false rumours can put the expectations too high about what we’re going to find and give us a bump when we realise that it’s finally not what we thought it was at first.

“A5X” could be the name of the processor carrying the iPad 3… or not?“A5X” could be the name of the processor carrying the iPad 3… or not?

But, anyway, who doesn’t like to fantasize about what Apple has to offer in the future, whether it’s near or far? So, here we come with another dose of rumors, this time related to the processor that would incorporate the acclaimed tablet . The latter would indicate that the future processor that would run the iPad 3 would not be an Apple A6, nor an Apple A8, as had been assumed. In any case, we would find a processor known as Apple A5X (remember that the last processor presented in the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S was the A5). This processor would have two cores , as opposed to the four that were originally rumored, hence it maintains the same nomenclature as its predecessor, also dual-core. These data have been provided by a member of the WeiPhone forum, which attached some photographs that would show how the motherboard of the iPad 3, with the already named A5X, would look like.

But it doesn’t stop there, the photo shown here would correspond to a prototype produced during the month of November last year, so after almost four months, it could be the case that Apple has changed its mind and we have a completely redesigned processor . For more information, it has been known that the code by which this processor would be known would be S5L89 45X , while that of the A4 was S5L89 30X and the A5 S5L89 40X . If we look, the final products vary their reference codes by 10, while this supposed A5X would only increase by 5. Now, what will this be that is shown to us now, a prototype or possible real processor for the iPad 3? If everything goes as rumoured, in a couple of weeks we will be able to find out.